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Dear __________, As part of a group project for my Sales Management class here at the University of Colorado we are selling “Adopt Ralphie Sponsorships” on behalf of the University of Colorado Athletics Department. Ralphie, our live mascot, is a fundamental part of our athletic program here at Colorado. As of this past year we now have two buffaloes as part of our herd, Ralphie VI and Ralphie V. Their handlers spend hours training and running with them to provide CU fans with their favorite pre- game show – “Ralphie’s Run.” All donations cover items such as feed, veterinary expenses, travel, and program costs for the Ralphie Handlers. We have several “Adoption Levels” available for you to choose from. By donating the minimum amount of $25, you will receive a plush baby Ralphie and a special “I Love Ralphie” Bandana.
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Unformatted text preview: Donation options are in the following amounts: Level 1: $25 – Plush Baby Ralphie and I Love Ralphie Bandana Level 2: $100 – Level 1 gifts along with Commemorative Photo of Ralphie IV Level 3: $500 – Level 1&2 gifts along with the opportunity to attend a Ralphie Practice Level 4: $1000 – Level 1, 2, &3 gifts along with the opportunity to be on the field during Ralphie’s pre-game run Level 5: $5000 – All level gifts along with an official PERSONALIZED Ralphie handler shirt Payment can be made through check, cash, or credit card. Please make checks payable to University of Colorado Athletics. Please let us know the amount you are interested in donating and thank you for helping our Sales Management group obtain our goal of raising $1500 for Ralphie. Sincerely, ________________ MKTG- 4150, Section 2...
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