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Sales Analysis - MacCorkle Insurance - MKTG 4150 Due Nov 10...

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MKTG 4150 Due: Nov. 10, 2008 Sales Analysis Project Business revolves around relationships, however, in no other industry are relationships as important as they are in sales. Sales is an industry that crosses all borders and covers all subjects. It is the department that drives revenue and is vital to the financial well being of the company. Sales people represent their company to the rest of the world and in turn they represent their customers to the company. For my sales analysis project, I interviewed Mr. Emmett “Mac” MacCorkle, founder of MacCorkle Insurance Service. MacCorkle Insurance Service, a 45 person regional brokerage firm based in the San Francisco Bay area focuses on insuring successful companies and high net worth individuals. MacCorkle Insurance designs and implements three integrated insurance lines – Employee Benefits and Retirement Plans, Commercial Business Insurance (property and casualty), and Personal Insurance (life, disability, home owner and auto). Through an extensive interview with Mr. MacCorkle I have gained a thorough understanding of MacCorkle Insurance Service’s hiring practices as well as their sales strategy. As in any industry, a company is only as strong as those who work within it, and finding suitable employees who fit into the mix is a challenging task. When it comes to sales, it takes a specific type of person to succeed. “The number one trait I look for when interviewing a potential sales person is a competitive drive,” says MacCorkle, “that competitive drive can be anything from playing varsity sports to being on the debate team.” In sales a competitive nature is an attractive trait. Since much of compensation is determined by commission it is important to have that need to succeed. After a competitive drive, MacCorkle Insurance looks for experience and success. If a candidate has no prior experience they look for similar experiences that could
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be telling of success. Was the candidate on a varsity sports team, did they do well in school, where have they excelled and succeeded that would be telling of how they would do in a sales environment, are factors that are considered. On top of a non-directed interview process, MacCorkle Insurance gives each candidate a personality test that measures traits they believe are needed to be successful in the insurance industry. These traits range from tenacious to competitive to mental agility. An interesting step they take in the hiring process is once the personality test has been completed and scored, the interviewer goes over the results with the candidate. This step, allows MacCorkle Insurance to see if the candidate believes the test is an accurate representation of who they are. “We believe it is important to put all the cards on the table when hiring,” says MacCorkle. Lastly, when it comes to hiring, an important aspect that is
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Sales Analysis - MacCorkle Insurance - MKTG 4150 Due Nov 10...

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