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Sales Analysis Project - Sales Analysis Project DUE:...

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Sales Analysis Project DUE: Monday, November 10 th - NO exceptions Objective: To analyze the sales structure of an existing business. Strategy: Interview the owner/president/CEO; sales manager and sales persons in the organization to find out the following: Hiring procedures (what they look for in sales people, interview process, etc.) Person you talking to a competitive person. Experience – been successful in selling whatever they were selling? No experience – similar experiences that are telling of if they are. o Interest of being on the first team? o Competitive situation – could be debate team. Is there a pattern of success in which this person brings o Did they do well in school o Motivated to try and be the best at what they were doing Is the person a nice person, need to work/ supervise the person so you don’t want to tip toe around up front situations. Can you deal with them? Take criticism or mentorship well. Good fellow traveler. Personality tests o Measure traits they think they need to be successful o Tenacious, mental agility, competitive o Share test with person – put all cards on the table Compensation plans Generates commission which drives the business Base salary allows them to at least live in the world unless they bring commissions with them then phase them into commission only. Start on salary move to partially on salary partially commission then move fully to commission. o
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This test prep was uploaded on 03/18/2009 for the course MKTG 4150 taught by Professor Swanson,al during the Fall '08 term at Colorado.

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Sales Analysis Project - Sales Analysis Project DUE:...

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