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Test 1 Study Guide - Chapters 1,3,5,6 a lot of questions do...

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Chapters 1,3,5,6 – a lot of questions do come from chapters 30 MC, 10 short answer 5 key WEAKNESSES salespeople have : 1. Need for approval 2. Buy cycle 3. Money weakness 4. Emotional involvement 5. Record collection 5 keys to sales management 1. Recruit the right sales people 2. Hold sales people accountable to measurable goals 3. Debriefing/pre-briefing stage (training) 4. Motivating staff 5. Growth (how to grow your team) CHAPTER 1 How do sales jobs differ from other jobs? They get things done through people. The sales force is largely responsible for implementing a firms marketing strategies in the field. Sales reps generate the revenues that are managed by the financial people and used by the production people Sales people are among the few employees authorized to spend company’s funds. They are responsible for spending the company money for entertainment, rooms, food, and transportation. Their effectiveness in discharging this responsibility significantly influences marketing costs and profits. Sales people represent their company to customers and to society in general . Opinions of the firm and its products are formed on the basis of impressions made by these people in their work and outside activities. Sales people represent the customer to their companies . Sales people are primarily responsible for transmitting info on customer needs and problems back to the various departments in their own firms. Sales reps operate with little or no direct supervision and require a high degree of motivation (sales rep must work hard physically and mentally, be creative and persistent, and show initiative) Sales people frequently face rejection (they don’t make a sale every time.) Sales people need more tact and social intelligence than other employees on the same level in the organization Sales jobs frequently require considerable travel and time away from home and family Salespeople have large role sets (interacts with large numbers of people.) Salespeople face role ambiguity, role, conflict, and role stress . Must provide innovative solutions to problems and, in doing so, must satisfy many different people. 1
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o Role Conflict – Caught in the middle between the conflicting demands of the people they must satisfy. o Role Ambiguity –Aren’t supervised, so at times they find themselves uncertain of what to do o Role Stress – Expectations of generating company revenue How does the book define outside selling? Outside Sales Force – a sales force that calls on prospective customers Outside Selling stands in contrast with situations in which customers come to the salespeople – called across the counter selling. An outside sales force makes in-person sales calls, usually at the customer’s home or
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Test 1 Study Guide - Chapters 1,3,5,6 a lot of questions do...

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