READING TEST 2 - product launch

READING TEST 2 - product launch - READING TEST 2 Product...

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Unformatted text preview: READING TEST 2 Product Launch-team is now finally ready to build the actual marketing plan-Task should be easy if the new item is an improvement to items already in the line-Strategic launch decisions • Include both strategic platform decisions that set overall tones and directions and strategic action decisions that define to whom we are going to sell and how • Include desired innovativeness of the product, time to market, competitive stance or positioning, driver of new product development and more • Harder to change because earlier decisions were made (strategic givens)-Tactical launch decisions • Marketing mid decisions such as communication and promotion, distribution and pricing that are typically made after the strategic launch decisions • Define how the strategic decisions will be implemented • More easily modified Pg. 339-340: question that product positioning answers • Product positioning statement o Created by completing this sentence: Buyers in the target market should buy our product rather than others being offered and used because:_______. o Started as a concept in advertising, but now part of total strategy o Product, brand, price, promotion and distribution must be consistent with the product positioning statement o Advantage: new products managers have a clean slate with end-users...
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READING TEST 2 - product launch - READING TEST 2 Product...

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