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EXAM 2 Cases & Issues - EXAM 2 CASES Mayo clinic...

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EXAM 2 CASES Mayo clinic case p. 636 October 7 Write two questions (be absolutely specific, do not be vague. If it is too vague it means you cannot find the answer directly to your question. For example, “who should the target market be?” is too vague because the answer cannot be found directly in secondary data and respondents do not know the answer form primary data research . “Do you have health insurance?” is a direct question. “How many people in this country have incomes over 50,000 rupees?” is a direct question.) The answers to your two questions (they must be different than my examples.) would be critical in developing a marketing plan to increase international sales revenues by 100% over the next 5 years. (You only need to write the questions, you do not need to answer them.) Now, justify why these two questions are critical. In addition, would you use primary or secondary data to find the answers? If primary, describe the respondents to the question. What kinds of problems would you encounter in getting or using or gathering the answers to both questions? How could you minimize or overcome these problems? Give evidence from the case, terms from the text and required resources to support your answers. ( quantitative and qualitative health care) Case Notes: -Mayo clinic has used word of mouth marketing to maintain its global reputation -it is the providers themselves (the doctors, nurses, receptionists, and health staff) who bring business by creating positive experiences for patients -has always been an international company -new international studies: 1. track international patient trends carefully -tracking consistently reliable data is challenging when dealing with a large and complicated infrastructure -ex: data fields need to be uniform so push for a pre-defined field that gives standardized info instead of free space response -monitor this data by the quarter, watching the trends over time by country or region b/c some mrkts are significantly less predictable than others and some countries deliver more ‘new’ patients but know that on average in any given year have b/w 9,000 and 10,000 patients coming from 160 different countries 2. conduct research w/ internal salespeople (the physicians and support staff who deliver the care to the internal salespeople) -conduct focuses groups to see what is going smoothly vs. barriers 3. conduct both quantitative and qualitative research in the international marketplace -try to understand how health care decisions are made (why people choose to leave home communities, why some come to Mayo, and why others do not) Global Market Research 1
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-the marketing department conducts periodic and ongoing patient satisfaction studies w/ international patients to measure various aspects of health care Mayo provides -this info offers challenges: 1. the quality of your own data - name and address fields differ fm U.S. 2.
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EXAM 2 Cases & Issues - EXAM 2 CASES Mayo clinic...

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