Fair & Lovely Case Study

Fair & Lovely Case Study - Fair & Lovely, a...

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Fair & Lovely, a cosmetic brand that positions itself as the leader in skin lightening treatments, launched an advertising campaign in December 2001 conveying a “fairer girl gets the boy theme.” Fair & Lovely used a cultural congruence (118) approach in their marketing strategy by marketing a product that pertains to part of the culture and existing cultural norms. India has a high PDI Index (107), meaning that the culture is hierarchical or segmented by a caste system. Within this caste system “fair skin is like education, regarded as a social and economic step up” (1). Those belonging to the highest caste were considered to be fairer because they traditionally stayed inside. The belief (112) that fair skin is more attractive has been so ingrained into Indian culture that even in a society where women are becoming more active both politically and economically “many Indians still seem to believe that, for a woman, being fair is more important than anything else” (2). When looking at Fair & Lovely’s product offering, it can be assumed that their target market is “predominantly young women aged 18–35” as well as “the poor” through “marketing the product in ‘affordable’ small size pouches” (1). Through controversial television ads that depict a “father lamenting over his financial fate, while his dark-skinned daughter looks on, helpless and demoralized.” Fast forward and the commercial shows the same girl transformed
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Fair & Lovely Case Study - Fair & Lovely, a...

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