Fair and Lovely Case

Fair and Lovely Case - Fair and Lovely case p.618 November...

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Fair and Lovely case p.618 November 13 Did Fair and Lovely use cultural change or congruence in their marketing strategy? Be sure to consider both the target market and the advertising. Was it successful? Was it the correct choice? Why or why not? Give evidence from the case, terms from the text and required resources to support your answers. Cultural Change (p.115-120) – Less competition but harder to implement than cultural congruence. If you are successful you will have multiple repeat purchases and large market share. I. Cultural Borrowing – The responsible effort to learn from others’ cultural ways to find better solutions to a society’s particular problems. Culture is learned – things can become a part of cultural heritage which is passed down from generation to generation. We build Cultural Congruence – Marketing products similar to ones already on the market in a manner as congruent as possible with existing cultural norms, thereby minimizing resistance. II. Cultural Congruence (p.118-119) – Marketing a product that is part of the culture. Marketing according to existing cultural norms a. Here is a new product that is not all that different from what you are already using – why should people switch?? b. Very competitive, can be successful, less risky, but the rewards may not be as great. Will probably not gain huge market share 1. Business Source Complete: Marketing News 6/9/2003, Vol. 37 Issue 12, p4-9 Business Source Complete: Strategic Management Journal , Dec2007, Vol. 28, Issue 13
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Fair and Lovely Case - Fair and Lovely case p.618 November...

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