Strategic Orientation

Strategic Orientation - is an important part of life for...

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STRATEGIC ORIENTATION The Q-drum should use a global marketing strategy in both Tunisia and Rwanda. The products goal is to provide easy transportation for water in rural areas of Africa. In providing this, the same product design and materials are used in each country allowing for standardization. Each prospective buyer has the exact same need, to transport water in an easy manner for women and children from one location to another. Rwanda, a country more centrally situated on the African continent than Tunisia, consists of mostly grassy uplands and hills. With only .15 cu km/year of freshwater withdrawal (1) the amount of freshwater is very limited. In addition to limited available water, the sex ratio for 15- 64 years is 1 male/female, this number slightly increases for those under 15 years and decreases for those over 65 (1). Since most of the population is predominantly rural, approximately equally men and women, and periodically faces draught (1), the need to transport and easily store water
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Unformatted text preview: is an important part of life for Rwandans. Tunisia, is situated on the Northern coast of Africa has a total of 2.64 cu km/year of freshwater withdrawal with only 14% of that going to domestic use (1). In Tunisia, the sex ratio for those 14-64 years is 1.01 men/women. With limited natural freshwater resources and fewer woman than men the need to easily transport and store water is particularly necessary. Though each country is geographically different from one another, both face similar challenges of gaining and transporting freshwater. With such a simple product that was created with the African people’s need to transport water in mind, a global orientation would allow Q-drum to standardize production and advertising while still taking into consideration consumer characteristics and usage patterns. A Global orientation allows Q-drum to view Africa as one market and each country as a different segment. Page 1: CIA World Fact Book...
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Strategic Orientation - is an important part of life for...

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