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PSCI paper 4 - PSCI 1101-200 October 29, 2007 Short Paper...

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PSCI 1101-200 October 29, 2007 Short Paper #4 On October 4, 2007, White House Press Secretary Dana Perino had no topics to address, and the briefing became an open question forum. Perino was then asked to comment on the CIA’s interrogation and possible torture techniques supported by the Bush administration; techniques referenced in confidential memorandums by the Justice Department which have caused recent controversy. In defense, Perino states that while the President has a national security team working within the law to retrieve information from terrorists and prevent another terrorist attack, torture is not authorized. Asked to describe these interrogation techniques and if prisons still exist outside the country where the techniques are used, Perino refuses to answer, arguing that it would be inappropriate and would “provide the enemy with more information for how to train against these techniques” (Perino, 2007). She is then asked how the disclosure of these memos could effect other nation’s views on US interrogation policy. Perino explains that a definition of torture was set at the Geneva Conventions, and while individual governments can decipher this meaning, America’s interpretation follows the international guidelines. She is then asked directly if the Bush Administration considers waterboarding, head-slapping, and exposure to loud music and extreme temperatures torture. Perino refuses to answer. Throughout the briefing, she employs the threat of national security breaches as a
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PSCI paper 4 - PSCI 1101-200 October 29, 2007 Short Paper...

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