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class notes - -Reform plans often based states altering how...

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Does the electoral college hurt small states w/ respect to attention? - No evidence that it does - Just the opposite- it makes small states potentially valuable Other effects of electoral college: - special advantage to small states - Depress minor party voting…stabililzing? - Depresses turnout - Carves out role for states - Winner of pop vote could still lose election Calls for Reform: Based on: - Complexity: many aspects of government are complicated…need more informed electorate - Undemocratic: so is any form of “representation” Initial Difficulties - Complete scraping of EC would require Constitutional amendment
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Unformatted text preview: -Reform plans often based states altering how they apportion Maine: electors allocated by congressional district National Bonus Plan-Expand the EC (640 total) adding 102 electors awarded to the winner of the popular vote-Majority would be 321 votes-Virtually guarantee that winner of popular vote will wine in EC Abolish EC: Direct election w/ instant runoff-Voters rank preferences-If no single candidate has a majority: Candidate with lowest number is eliminate Count second choice of those ballots-Repeat until some candidate has majority-Used in SF, VT, Australian House...
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