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Poli sci 1011 paper #1

Poli sci 1011 paper #1 - Short paper#1 PSCI 1101 Section...

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Short paper #1 PSCI 1101 Section 200 September 2007 Adopted by the Second Continental Congress, The Articles of Confederation was the original governing framework for congress and the newly independent nation. However, this framework failed to grant congress the powers needed to govern the union, and was later replace by our current United States Constitution. While the Constitution divides power between the national government and the states, The Articles of Confederation, as noted in Article II, let power reside in the individual states. Debated power, jurisdiction, and rights were resolved by congress, but ultimate power resided within the states. In addition to declaring the residence of ultimate power, The Articles of Confederation declared that each state was in a “firm league of friendship…” (libertyonline.com). As Article III describes, this friendship implicates each state in the assistance of others when in need of defense, security of welfare, and security of liberty. This friendship bound them to “assist each other against all force offered to, or attacks made upon them, or any of them…on any pretence whatever” (libertyonline.com). As
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