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study guide exam 1 - Campaigns Elections Exam 1 Study Guide...

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Exam 1 Study Guide ELECTIONS The importance of elections: - Elections are what connect the government to the governed. - Elections ensure that government can be responsive to the needs of citizens - Structured to limit popular control of government (representative democracy) What makes elections legitimate? - They occur on a regular basis - Everyone can participate - Procedures are in place to determine a winner more or less What are elections? - Campaigns (and their components) - Issues - Rules - Voters - Communications - Votes What are campaigns? - Candidates - Campaign organization - Issues - Strategies CAMPAIGN EFFECTS (HOLBROOK) What is effective? - Elections are decided by the events occurring the entire period between 2 presidential elections and NOT by the campaign. - Social and general groups have records of being predisposed to support one party. - Only an average of 8% of voters are swayed by the campaign.
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- Undecideds/independents usually end up voting in a manner consistent w/ their social group characteristics. - What goes on between elections is more important than what goes on during elections. - National conventions, candidate blunders, party unity activities and presidential debates have stronger, more lasting effects on candidate support than do most speeches and external events not related to the campaign. HOW DO WE MEASURE VOTER TURNOUT? WHAT ARE THE TRENDS? WHAT ABOUT THE YOUTH VOTE? FACTORS INFLUENCING VOTER TURNOUT 3 Institutions that foster turnout & 2 smaller factors (Blais and Jackman): Compulsory voting : increases turnout by 13%, depends on enforcement. The electoral system : In large districts parties have incentive to mobilize everywhere, other single-member districts may be written off as hopeless. Unicameralism : Turnout significantly higher in countries where power is concentrated in one legislature. The more powerful the body that is being elected, the stronger the incentive to vote. Voting age
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study guide exam 1 - Campaigns Elections Exam 1 Study Guide...

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