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Ch. 19 - Borderline PD

Ch. 19 - Borderline PD - Psychopathology PSYC 3313 Fall...

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Psychopathology PSYC 3313 Fall 2007 Template for chapters in Oltmanns, Neale & Davison’s book Chapter: 19 Description of the problem: Amanda was experiencing terrifying episodes in which she felt that her body was not real and often reacted to this by cutting herself. She also had intense fears that she would fail her college midterm examinations. At her arrival to the inpatient psychiatric unit, she used obscene and abusive language when addressing the staff member, was difficult to handle during routine procedures, and had impulsive outbursts of anger that were exaggerated in proportion to the situation. After being admitted, she also became flirtatious with the staff and often asked inappropriate personal questions. Amanda became very attached to several of these staff members and set up one-on-one meetings with them. Prior to her release from the institution, Amanda admitted to giving other hospital patients in her ward drugs from the streets. In addition, she had feelings of depression. During her most recent episode of feeling unreal, she cut herself, and although these weren’t life threatening, she could be suicidal.
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