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The Ideals of Theodore Roosevelt By: Conlan Shiono 17B – A09 Due: 4/18/08 Theodore Roosevelt’s quote shed light on a changing time in history when the mass population dealt with vast expansion, the industrial revolution with its growing number of monopolizing business leaders, and the growing number of immigrants who entered into the United States. With no proper voice or political power to help workers, feelings of the masses tended to be restless and discontented as the industrial revolution gave birth to greedy business moguls bent on self-interest. As a victim of the very same system characterized by job insecurity and meager wages, struggling second-generation worker Leon Czolgosz assassinated President William McKinley on September 6, 1901 1 , and gave way for Theodore Roosevelt to come to power who used his progressivism ideals to lessen the tumultuous cries of the workers and the problems they faced. With progressivism, Roosevelt stepped into big business in which used the power of the federal government to create fair social conditions between workers and owners. With substantial improvements to social factors, Theodore Roosevelt managed to subdue the creation of “wounded souls” like Leon Czolgosz by giving workers a chance to improve the issues and working conditions they once saw as oppressive and also the ability to rise up from their poor social standards to become successful individuals. Theodore Roosevelt characterized the masses as restless and discontent caused by their harsh struggles in the work place along with the evident economic problems of the United States. Around 1900, the average income made by the American worker totaled around $400-$500 dollars a year, $100 less than the reasonable amount believed 1 Eric Rauchway. Murdering McKinley: The Making of Theodore Roosevelt’s America, (New York: Hill and Wang, 2003) 1.
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to maintain a substantial level of comfort 2 . Along with insufficient funds, job security among workers tended to be sporadic as well as unreliable when the industrial economy found more and more technological advancements at their disposal which they began integrating into the work place. Brand new technology and techniques further pushed skilled workers out of jobs where the workplace consisted of underpaid and unskilled workers who took part in monotonous and routine tasks. Along with the gradual shift
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paper#1 - The Ideals of Theodore Roosevelt By Conlan Shiono...

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