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First paper prompt, History 17B, spring 2008: In 1894, Theodore Roosevelt wrote: “The time of the great social revolutions has arrived. We are all peering into the future to try to forecast the action of the great dumb forces set in operation by the stupendous industrial revolution which has taken place during the present century. We do not know what to make of the vast displacements of population, the expansion of the towns, the unrest and discontent of the masses.”
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Unformatted text preview: In Theodore Roosevelt’s opinion, why were the masses so restless and discontented? What, in his view, should be done to assuage this discontent? According to Rauchway, Roosevelt saw progressivism as a means to prevent the creation of “wounded souls” like Czolgosz. Do you think he succeeded? Why or why not? Support your answer with evidence. The papers should be 4-6 pages, typed, and double-spaced....
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