Psychopathology Test 2

Psychopathology Test 2 - block out whole period of time...

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Psychopathology Test 2: Components of Barlow’s Integrative Model: Biological factors Genetic vulnerabilities Neurotransmitter involvement Social support (or lack of) Emotions Cognitions Behaviors Learning history Environment sociocultural Stress 20 multiple choice 10 fill in blank 2 matching parts short answers 2 case studies (10 points each) –look for possibility of answers on both axis I and axis II -GAF sheet comes with exam Medications: -know side effects for meds for skitzophrenia (neuroleptics – extra parametal symptoms/tardive dyskinesia) -innoceptive cues: internal physiological cues before or during panic attach -social phobia: temperamental characteristics -specific phobia: -direct experience -observational learning -information transfer -organic amnesia- retrograde (before incident) memory loss: mem doesn’t come back,
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Unformatted text preview: block out whole period of time -dissociative amnesia- anterograde (after usually a traumatic event) memory loss: chance that mem can come back, selective mem-behavioral inhibition system-fight or flight -generalized anxiety disorder – muscle tension, restlessness-panic disorder – involve automatic nervous system-how to treat OCD- behavioral therapy treatment- exposure and ritual prevention-how to treat phobias- gradual exposure-GAD? Cognitive therapy, relaxation skills-eating disorder: • Axis 3: don’t put amenoriha or body weight, but DO list other medical conditions relevant to disorder o Would put amenoriha on bulimic axis 3 Bulimia- eating SIGNIFICANTLY more than a normal person would (no time constraints)...
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Psychopathology Test 2 - block out whole period of time...

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