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REVIEW SHEET #2 Anxiety Disorders: Be able to identify the major symptoms of the anxiety disorders that were discussed in class and lab (panic disorder with and without agorophobia (PD), (also agorophobia without panic) general anxiety disorder (GAD), specific phobias, social phobia, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) and posttraumatic stress disorder). Know Barlow´s general model for the anxiety disorders, and know the specific models in your text for GAD, PD and OCD. Know the difference between fear and anxiety. Be familiar with the two models of brain circuitry involved in anxiety (behavioral inhibition system and fight/flight system). Be familiar with treatments for the anxiety disorders mentioned above, including gradual exposure, desensitization, panic control treatment, exposure and ritual prevention, and medication treatments. Be able to note similarities and differences between PD and GAD. Somatoform Disorders: What is the common feature of these disorders? (BDD, Hypochondriasis, Somatization Disorder, Conversion Disorder) Major diagnostic features of these disorders – what are cognitive, behavioral, emotional components of each? How are they different from one another – for example, how is Hypochondriasis different from Somatization disorder? Sexual abuse common in Somatization Disordered population – why? Be able to describe the genetic links Somatization Disorder has to ASPD. How are these disorders treated?
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ReviewSheetTest2 - REVIEW SHEET #2 Anxiety Disorders: Be...

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