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The First Battle of the Marne- Started on September 6, 1914, where the French attacked a gap in the German line for three days. The French government was so desperate to defend the attack that they requisitioned all taxis of Paris to rush reserves to troops at the frontline. The Germans ended up falling back and Paris and France had been saved. The Versailles Treaty- Signed on June 28, 1919; Germany’s colonies were given to France, Britain, and Japan as League of Nation mandates while Alsace- Lorraine was finally returned to France. It also limited Germany’s army to a mere 100,000 and forced them to agree to not build military fortifications in the Rhineland. Perhaps the most severe demand was that the Allies declared Germany responsible for the war and had to pay reparations. Ironically the United States refused to sign the treaty as a handful of Republican Senators led by Henry Cabot Lodge felt the League of Nations, created by US President Woodrow Wilson, was too powerful and would take away the US Senates constitutional right to declare war. Weimar Republic- Came to power in Germany following the end of World War I in 1918 and created a constitution that allowed proportional votes and direct election of the president. Germany Faced extreme hyperinflation and high unemployment rates due to the forced reparation payments of the Versailles Treaty. Fell in 1933 when Hitler put himself in power as the chancellor of Germany and eliminated rival parties through the Enabling Act (July 14, 1933). Max Weber- Was a German political economist and sociologist. In his Theory of Bureaucratic Authority, Weber described it as an “iron cage” and a “disenchantment of the world”. It results in organization efficiency and undermines decision-making ability that has people running like monotonous machines. In his Theory of Charismatic Authority he believed there is a strong relationship between leaders and
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IDsFinal - The First Battle of the MarneStarted on...

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