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Norse Test Review: FORMAT: 1. 20 Kennings (people or things) 2. 5 Definitions (terms) 3. 20 Identification (events) Notes: Setting: Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Finland Unknown=Greenland=Nordic ppls Nordic region:”Scandinavian” , “Finno-Ugrian” not 1 organized, codified religious system o people of different regions did not worship same deities – not systematized o Different groups “cults” worship one or more god(s) – and are in contact with another Viking Age: Around 750 to 1100 Prose Edda=1120’s Snorre Sturluson, poet Heimskringla retelling old myths through traditional prose Henotheism: Rather than worshiping a pantheon or family of gods, you can worship 1 particular divinity to who you devote yourself – but without denying existence of other gods / goddesses Polytheism : worshiping many gods Icelandic Sagas: Narratives from Medieval Iceland Scandinavians not Christians themselves, but coming into contact with Christians Contact with Christians takes place over many centuries Religion develops and changes to suit needs of people and – how they live ie:hunter, gatherer, farmer, trader o What kind of ppl you come into contact with o Adopt traditions from other communities Nordic Regions: No people in pure, unaltered heritage Religion as defined by Luckert: Human kind’s response to so-conceived greater than human configurations of reality.
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Category of greater than human – inspires awe in human beings and evokes awe or worship Cultures vary in ways they perceive greater than human entities or spirit Ex: spirit, comet, god, anything worth worshiping Religion is a system in which humans identify something greater than themselves and identify with it Giertz: Sees religion as meaning making enterprise, the social construction and maintenance of a system of understandings and symbols imposing order Way to organize reality into a system that makes the universe seem comprehensible or understandable Can be understood, embodied in deeply felt moral and aesthetic circumstances Religion is a lifestyle, belief system, (not universal, but most) have a central narrative, all participants are familiar with central narrative – various meanings attached varying from one community to another Has a common community of participants Many have groups of specialists Written canon: essentially recognized body of texts or centralized authority of study Set of practices including prayer, sacrifice, mass, service, certain things done on certain days Meaning making system Cult: modern cult in 21 st C pop American culture – marginalized, small gathering or religion Cult for Course : body of practices, beliefs, sacred objects, representations, narratives, behaviors, etc. associated with a religion Cult of Odin : Places that worship, symbolize god Anything connected with object of worship greater than human configuration of reality MYTH IS NOT SAME THING AS RELIGION Not equivalent to religion To refer to a religions central narrative or any religious central narratives
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Norse Test Review - Norse Test Review FORMAT 1 20...

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