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madonna quotes - Review: Legal Radicals in Madonna's...

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Review: Legal Radicals in Madonna's Closet: The Influence of Identity Politics, Popular Culture, and a New Generation on Critical Legal Studies Naomi Mezey Stanford Law Review , Vol. 46, No. 6 (Jul., 1994), pp. 1835-1861 Published by: Stanford Law Review %2BRadicals%2Bin%2BMadonna%2527s%2BCloset%253A%2BThe%2BInfluence%2Bof %2BIdentity%2BPolitics%252C%2BPopular%2BCulture%252C%2Band%2Ba%2BNew %2BGeneration%2Bon%2BCritical%2BLegal%2BStudies%26dc%3DAll On popular culture: “a place where the larger social and political systems reproduce themselves, as well as where they encounter resistance and reinterpretation.” (p.1836) “identifying pop culture as a vital place of subculture formation and a point of dynamic dialogue between the law and some of its most renegade subjects” (p.1836) “Few self-respecting cultural critics would go a whole book without addressing Madonna” (p. 1850) “For others, [Kennedy included,] she embodies the possibility of a way out of the vicious patriarchal circle through her own deft and defiant rearticulation and reinterpretation of the very images and narratives that have linked sexual pleasure and sexy dress with the abuse and subordination of women.” (p.1850) “Madonna’s ‘sexiness’ is rarely calibrated to male fantasies” (p. 1852) “Madonna reinterprets sex and sexy dressing by contesting our concepts of gender and power, and resurrecting pleasure from the shadow of abuse.” (p. 1854) “a woman who has spent a decade laughing at the line we draw between vamp and virgin and questioning countless other binary oppositions that confine our
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madonna quotes - Review: Legal Radicals in Madonna's...

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