Hour Exam Study Questions-2008

Hour Exam Study Questions-2008 - History 4C, Winter 2008...

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History 4C, Winter 2008 Prof. Margad- ant Study Questions for the Hour Examination Part I. The first part of the exam will consist of two questions. You must choose one of the questions and write a 40-minute essay about it. Each question will be broader in scope than the specific study questions listed below. If you prepare the study questions, you will be well prepared to an- swer either of the questions on the exam. Topic One: The Revolutions of 1848 1. How did the ideals of the French Revolution influence the revolutionary upheavals in 1848? 2. To what extent were Parisian workers in 1848 influenced by socialist ideas and move- ments that emerged in France during the 1830’s and 1840s? 3. Were German nationalists inspired by the French Revolution? 4. What were the goals of the German liberals who dominated the Frankfurt Assembly in 1848? Topic Two: The Industrial Revolution and the Family 1. How did the Industrial Revolution change the organization of work? How did it create new kinds of employment for lower-class women outside the home? 2. What were the consequences of factory labor for working-class families?
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Hour Exam Study Questions-2008 - History 4C, Winter 2008...

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