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QuickTimeª and a TIFF (Uncompressed) decompressor are needed to see this picture. INTRODUCTION Agency Marketing prepared this proposal for the Texas State Technical College Marshall. The proposal is in direct response to the Communications & Media Related Services and Advertising Agency Services request for proposal. This proposal illustrates our proposed marketing and advertising plan for Texas State Technical College, while demonstrating our commitment to our clients and the success of our projects. It includes our company information, our proposed services, our experience and qualifications, our compensation and fees, and our references. COMPANY INFORMATION Agency Marketing 3005 Commerce Street Dallas, TX 75226 Phone: (214) 505-8739 Fax: (214) 277-9099 Email: [email protected] Federal ID: 542-789-803-6898 Company Description: Agency Marketing is an integrated advertising firm focusing on marketing communications, advertising, and public relations to provide organizations with high quality creative and unique marketing plans to reach a variety of target markets at reasonable rates. We began our services as a partnership in the fall of 2000 to offer alternatives to the traditional advertising agency. Based in Dallas, Texas our team sets out with a results-oriented approach to make our clients’ advertising efforts more efficient and, most importantly, have an impact on their consumers. PROPOSED SERVICES Agency Marketing is qualified and committed to developing an integrated and succinct marketing plan to reach prospective students, parents of students, current students, and
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Writing Proposal - QuickTime and a TIFF(Uncompressed...

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