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Assault Presentation My Notes - Assault Presentation I....

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Assault Presentation I. Introduction “First of all we wanted to thank the CU administration and CU campus police for giving us the opportunity to speak with you today. My name is Laura Massie and I am a senior Leeds School of Business student focusing on marketing and French. II. Facts III. CU’s response IV. Market failures “We would first like to explain to you are concerns for the marketing of the systems in place and the flaws of some of these programs. The systems in place to date our: a. NightRide b. Blue lights c. Email communication d. Text alerts e. Self defense classes These systems can each be improved to help, as officer Weisley likes to call it, the day-to-day safety precautions at our school.” V. What should be done - “NightRide-not enough funding or staff. According to the Rocky Mountain Press the director of NightRide stated that these incidents would not have happened if NightRide had been called. Unfortunately, students feel that NightRide is an inconvenient service since it takes so long for the service to come. Last Monday night, Jean had a friend call for a solo ride and the operator told her that it would take 50 minutes to get a car out to her. Unfortunately, this student felt that this time was too long and proceeded to walk alone. Speaking with Weisley, we talked about the fact that most students call NightRide from a secure place that they can wait at, which I agree is true, but most students do not have 50 minutes to wait around for a ride and decide that it would be a better option to walk alone. This service needs to be improved to better suit the needs of the consumers of this University and make it safer for everyone.”
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- “This is the map of blue lights on our campus. According to Weisley and the CU Campus Police Department, about 10-20 calls every year are made on
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Assault Presentation My Notes - Assault Presentation I....

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