revised assault outline

revised assault outline - V. What should be done a....

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Assault Presentation Outline I. Introduction a. Identify ourselves and our audience b. Explain why we are here II. Facts a. What happened? b. Who where these assailants and who were the victims? c. Where did these events take place? d. When did they happen? e. Explain and pass out the press releases from the CU Campus Police III. CU’s response a. CU’s Daily operations b. Students feel for a lack of response c. Only received two emails d. Supported UCSU in efforts but no efforts on their own e. Brad Weisley’s comments IV. Market failures a. NightRide b. Blue lights c. Email communication d. Text alerts e. Self defense classes f. Facts about these services and problems with them
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Unformatted text preview: V. What should be done a. Increase night ride hours and funding b. Stronger prevalence of cops c. Actually send out emails and make sure students know they are urgent d. Advertise defense classes more heavily e. Make students feel safe again-> hit on emotion VI. Conclusion a. Take our advice and take assaults seriously b. More resources should be put to a better use and not to flat screen tvs c. This is a business and you need to make your consumers feel that you are creating a safe environment for all. d. Encourage them to take our recommendations to better the community...
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revised assault outline - V. What should be done a....

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