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History of the Artist: 1. Utagawa Hiroshige was born in 1797 near Edo Castle, in what is now present- day Tokyo. 2. He was a naturally gifted child, and a sort of prodigy when it came to art. 3. He spent his youth in several art schools creating portraits of women and famous individuals. It was not until the death of a dear teacher and friend that Hiroshige began to paint landscapes. 4. His travels throughout Japan were the source of his most famous works including the series to which this painting belongs. He would travel during rain, snow and all seasons of the year, painting the sights along the way. 5. In 1856 Hiroshige “retired from the world,” and became a Buddhist monk. This very same year Hiroshige also began his work on “100 Famous Views of Edo.” The spiritual maturity of the artist was truly reflected in these paintings as they possess a distinct connectedness to nature. Just like Siddhartha in his old age, Hirgoshige found a certain unity in the presence of the world’s
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Unformatted text preview: natural beauty. 6. Unfortunately, this series was just two paintings short of completion when Hiroshige died of the Great Edo Cholera in 1858. He was 62 years old. 7. In this painting, the winter cold and frost signify a sort of impermanent death. The death of the transient, the plants, animals, trees. Contrarily, the vibrant blue of the river represents eternal life. Unlike the creations that surround the river, gleaning their life from it, the river is not an organism that lives and breaths, wakes and sleeps. Rather, the river is ever alive. Unlike the pliable and delicate creations that contrast it, and are blanketed by the winter’s chill, the river continues to flow. Its undulations determine those of the seasons, those of the heart. While the winter scene is, at first glance, chilling and gloomy, the river remains fully alive, sourcing the existence of all things....
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