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mysticism journal - Writing 3020 Spirituality In Literature...

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Writing 3020 Spirituality In Literature and Art 2 February 2007 I chose this picture because it is a sunset in Rocky Mountain National Park. I love the majesty of the sunset in the summer because it is so surreal and amazing. It blows me away with its beauty and awesomeness and gives me a feeling that is hard to describe with words. It is something that science cannot appropriately describe and it is appropriate to say I feel a sense of naturalism within me. The naturalist perspective of phenomenon in the world provides people with more perspective about the world. But also, it ties into my Mysticism Journal because I feel a connection and oneness with the world when I see such a beautiful sunset.
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I found the Stages of the Soul reading extremely thought provoking and I thought that the process has articulated what I have often pondered about the higher understanding of spirituality and the path of the spiritual person. I also found our conversation in class very interesting about how one answers the spiritual Call. The Call does not necessarily need to be a conversation with God or any deity; it is the homesickness that everyone feels deep down in his or her heart. I really liked the way Rabbi Seymour Siegle said in one of our readings, “In everyone’s heart stirs a great homesickness.” The Rabbi really speaks profoundly from a place that everyone can relate to. Everyone yearns for a comfortable place that is missing in his or her lives. This place is not found in a book, not found in the ear-buds of an iPod and it is certainly not found in drug use. It is when people realize that they are part of something greater like the king Ibrahim ibn Adham when he realized that his life had a different purpose and he needed to pursue the Call. But it does not have to be as an influential moment, the Call can happen in many different ways. “For most of us, the Call comes in less dramatic ways.” The Call is the first stage in the Five Stages of the Soul and the first stage on one’s spiritual path. I really thought that the Breakthrough reading was very interesting and I couldn’t
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mysticism journal - Writing 3020 Spirituality In Literature...

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