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Writing 3020 Spirituality In Literature and Art 27 February 2007 Rumi’s Universal Language of Love Rumi speaks the language of love. How does Rumi convey the message of love through his poetry? In Rumi’s writing, he refers to a universal love that transcends language, religion, cultural, geographical, physical, and psychological boundaries. Rumi remains in a liminal, unified state and he embraces the unity of love and creation in Ode 31 . Rumi is a product of a complete and spiritual understanding of the true essence of love and the collective spirit that coincides with love’s true teaching. Rumi does not discriminate one’s path towards a higher consciousness, but Rumi teaches others to take the path that suits the individual. Rumi articulates this roundabout path in Wilderness Way . The path described in Wilderness Way ineveitably leads to an indiscriminate, transcendent love. Rumi understood love as he lived and spoke the pure essence of love through his prose and life. Rabia Al-Basari examines the language of love in Two Loves with a similar approach to Rumi. Al-Basari refers to a selfless love achieved through giving away the self or ego in order to achieve a greater understanding and commitment to a genuine, selfless, universal love. In The Dissolver of Sugar , Rumi employs a powerful metaphor of being dissolved in order to transcend from his selfish love into the greater understanding of love. The Sect of Love is apart from all religions; for lovers, the religion and creed is ---God. The words of Rumi ring truth in my mind although they are translated and were recited in a completely different time. Both of these things are irrelevant because Rumi’s words and teachings are timeless and universal. Rumi spoke the language of love and lived it from what I understand of his life through the readings. His words are extremely inspirational and resonate deep within my heart. In Wilderness Way , Rumi describes the steps to finding love and the Sect of Love. Love is a surrender of the self like the Sufi concept of self existence. To surrender oneself is to step out of one’s ego or delusions and stepping into the Sect of Love. The poem’s stanzas divide into steps an individual encounters in the understanding of love and the Creator. The Steps emphasize the transitions from being lost to surrendering the self to the creator. The steps begin with an individual being lost, then surrendering to the search for love, seeing the importance of a greater love and for the Creator, slaying previous illusions about love or the Creator, and taking steps towards a higher understanding of the greater Sect of Love. Before one walks, they must crawl, If all you can do is crawl, start crawling(ln . 16-17). The individual must recognize the void in their lives in order to take the necessary
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poetryrumipaper - Writing 3020 Spirituality In Literature...

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