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team3_revised_draft 2 - 1 Thesis: In response to Jrvilehto,...

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1 Thesis : In response to Järvilehto, we agree with his view that organisms and their environments are in fact one system. We are in favor of this expanded philosophical viewpoint from the perspective of a Buddhist and that of metaphysicists and genetisists, however contrary this may be to the basis of the scientific approach which appears in the West. With intentions of influencing your perspective on interconnectedness, we Western scientists/theorists present evidence in favor of a broader view of the world which includes spiritual as well as abstract scientific theory. Audience : Western Psychologists March 17, 2007 Spirituality in Lit./Arts Critical Response Essay Draft 2 Team 3 1) In relation to our species’ behavior in the organism-environment system, Järvilehto states, Behavior does not mean movement or interaction of two systems, but action of only one system, reorganization of the system, or change of the relations between its elements 1 . We agree, that behavior is just another part of the one organism- environment system and that it consists of the changing of circumstances (causes) which will later influence other circumstances (event). In theory, this changing of circumstances would continue until nothing exists. The changes occur within one continuous system which illustrates well, how everything is impermanent. If everything is impermanent because it is constantly changing it would be reasonable to assume that all of the changes in an organism are not all internal and that without outside entities providing their influence, nothing can survive . In other words, the environmental factors at play in any situation will have a profound impact on the countless changes that are occurring within an organism at any given moment. 2) Dr. Deborah Niehoff speaks to great lengths about the relevant connection between an organism and its environment in terms of genes and environmental influence, only adding to our evidence for the validity of a one-system approach. She says that the perspective of ‘oneness’ is holistic in outlook and that it offers a new language and an alternative perspective that not only admits the outside world but suggests how it might influence behavior 2 . The biology of genetic/environmental influence is still a fairly new
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team3_revised_draft 2 - 1 Thesis: In response to Jrvilehto,...

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