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Essay1Bodies - Paragraph 1 Utility/function does a building...

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Paragraph 1) Utility/function – does a building work by supporting and reinforcing its functional use; does it enhance its setting? - Physical structure (bones of building) vs. Perpetual structure (what we see) - Structure as a cultural expression.(pg.52) next - Part of a culture’s view of itself, and its relationship to history. But I believe this was more for its function and purpose to its community. - Its upward reach symbolized its praise to the god’s and their beliefs/religion - Also I feel the pure size was the Sumerians way of denying change of their nature. - Preeminent symbol of their culture - Functional arrangement of rooms, spaces, terraces - Built for the moon god Nannar built by king Urnammu 2100 b.c.e - Also was designed as a mountain to get closer to the gods. - Corners also built oriented with the compass points. - Also an administrative center for the city. - Paragraph 2) Soundness/structure –is it built well enough to stand up; will its materials weather well?
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