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Essay2 - History and Theory of Arch Essay 2 The Great Stupa...

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10/4/2009 History and Theory of Arch. Essay 2 The Great Stupa of Sanchi has a fascinating visual and emotional affect on people because of how the vertical and horizontal lines generate its harmonious balance to create one of the most beautifully ornamented structures in India. The Great Stupa combines vertical and horizontal lines to produce this massive mound-like structure whose scale creates a figure-to-ground relationship. I believe the lines of the surrounding wall and entrance act as the foreground and the dome presents itself as an intriguing background second only to the sky that frames the entire edifice. While the massive dome may seem like it overpowers the site, the horizontal lines of the walkway and the gate act as harmonious breaks in the vertical slope of the dome, creating a vision of unity. The repetition and rhythm of posts that circumnavigate the outer gate and the walkway around the dome give a sense of continuity, strength and most of all, balance. This visual perception and placement of the four carved stone textures that make the
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