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Exam One study guide - Exam One: Bronze Age Architecture:...

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Exam One: Bronze Age Architecture: (Minoa and Mycenae) - Minoan was the oldest culture (classical/ancient Greece) - Named after king Minos Palace at Knossos: (Minoan) - Measured more then 460 square feet - Ran on north-south axis from the sacred mountains to the sea - Some places, palace walls were 4 to 5 stories - Chamber walls had brilliant paintings of murals depicting religious activities and festive sports. - Vaulting over charging bulls- came the legend of the minotaur - Axis was organic and orthogonal - Not symmetrical - Walls made of ashlars and rubble - Queens megaron made of dolphins and fish - Throne room, probably for worship not for king Acropolis Palace at Tiryns: (Mycenae) - based after the one eyed Cyclops - All architecture at this time were made as fortifications - Located in Mycenae - Built on defensive big rock plateaus - A ramp on the east side would have forced attackers to enter here - Entry is through a propylon gate into a court - Inner structure built of wooden frames, outer made of massive stones - Megaron was the heart of the palace - At center was a raised circular hearth - Megaron consisted of and entry porch, two columns, vestibule, throne room and a roof carried by four columns. Ancient Greece Architecture: (Archaic and Classical)
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Exam One study guide - Exam One: Bronze Age Architecture:...

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