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final study guide - Carolingian and Romanesque - EARLY...

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Carolingian and Romanesque - EARLY MIDDLE AGES - Goal was to recapture classical roman antiquity initiated by Charlemagne - Charlemagne set up schools all over the different kingdoms and new form of calligraphy. - Aachen, Germany became the culture capitol of Europe. - Revival of roman architecture began here with the construction of an octagonal palace chapel. Early Medieval Domestic Architecture and Castles (Cluny, Durham Castle, St Gall Monastery plan, Westminster Hall) - Wood framed manor houses and castles came - First castles were in the form of a motte (castle built on a mound) then they evolved to motte and bailey (a wall enclosed castle). - Bailey area contained storage buildings, workshops and assorted houses made of wood. - The bailey was protected by a moat or deep ditch - Palace of Charlemagne- replaced by later gothic buildings Castle Architecture in Later Periods - castles began to be built due to Muslim influence - On cliffs built to fit into the rock structure with two towers on the far corners and two towers at the entrance. Medieval Monasteries - All other early middle aged building was based on religion. - Monasteries endure people who were there to serve god. - Places of refuge and storage of religious artifacts and relics. - Built and occupied by monks - Saint Gall Monastery Plan - Charlemagne relied on a network of people to run monasteries - Saint Gall plan is the oldest architectural plan to exist from the middle ages
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final study guide - Carolingian and Romanesque - EARLY...

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