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Quiz One Notes + Study Guide: Concepts: Vetruvian Triad o Utilitas (Function or Use) o Firmitas (Soundness or Structure) o Venustas (Beauty and Aesthetics) The Great Stupa Sanchi, Italy - Function: Housing for Buddhist relics - Not supposed to enter the Stupa - Symbolic shape (hemisphere) represents the dome of heaven - Function: walkway encircles stupa so the monks can walk around it and pray - Function, setting, context: Sense of hierarchy because it stands high in center of community - Use of post and lintel… or column and lintel Elements of Design: - Line, Form, Space, Scale, Texture/Pattern, Light, Color, Ornament Principles of Design: - Balance, Rhythm, Proportion, Emphasis, Harmony, Variety - Line and Form – Vertical lines and forms (Parthenon Athens, Greece) - Vertical lines are more solid appearing (Energy and Movement) - Horizontal lines (Japanese House). Seen as restful and peaceful o Elements of Design - Form (Mass) Pyramid of Khafre - Space (Void) Pantheon (hole in the top) or Katsura Imperial Villa - Scale- Laurentian Library in Florence, Italy ex) adding a tree to a section - Texture/Pattern - Visual and tactile (feel)- do not want these to conflict - Light - Haggia Sophia in Constantinople Natural-windows and voids - Color - Temple at Karnak or Parthenon - Ornament - Symbolic value o Principles of Design - Balance - Symmetry or asymmetry Da Vinci’s Vetruvian Man or the yin yang Bilateral Symmetry- Some churches (vertical cut) Asymmetry- more common today - Emphasis / Hierarchy- Forbidden city went to the Imperial city - Rhythm- flow of structure achieved by repetition and progression - Proportion- part to part, whole to whole (The Golden Rectangle) - Formal Analysis- Good ex) Villa Barbaro architect: Andrea Palladio - Function- Gothic Cathedral used for liturgical service, procession, ritual, divinity with very skeletal structures - Aesthetics- Stained Glass
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Reading: Understanding Architecture ( Prehistoric , Neolithic ) - Original constructions built out of branches, brush and hides - Monte Verde in Chile- dwellings were made of clay and preserved for many years - Architecture is shelter, also a symbol of communication Early Hominids - First human ancestors were forest dwellers in central Africa
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Quiz One Notes - Quiz One Notes Study Guide Concepts...

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