exam 2 - 3/17/2009 Essay 2 Greek and Roman architecture is...

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10/5/2009 Essay 2 Greek and Roman architecture is a language that serves as stories that depict the political, social and cultural lives of its inhabitants. Miletus in Greece was a city that had a theatre, several temples, and markets. In addition, Hippodamus presented the grid plan that is still used for city planning to this day. The architectural forms that were built throughout the classical period in Greece were always built for a specific reason or purpose. The Theatre of Epidaurus is one of the greatest Greek architectural achievements in theatre construction because of its symmetry and beauty. Similar to the Parthenon, the theatre was built into its surroundings to give it a certain feeling of continuity instead of completely contesting its surrounding environment. The Acropolis located in Athens was built up on a hill and was used as a gathering place, a residential place, or both. The monumental structures that surround and embellish the entire area symbolized the great successes of the cities history. Located on the right side of the Acropolis is the small but exquisite Temple of Athena Nike. The Temple of Athena Nike was specifically used for the worshipping of war related deities. This temple was made of marble and built as a commemorative form of great victory for the Greeks. Another building that was adjacent the Acropolis was the Parthenon which was built to symbolize one of the best architectural achievements of the Greeks. In addition, it was originally formed as a temple as well as a symbol of Greece and Athenian Democracy. Athena’s
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exam 2 - 3/17/2009 Essay 2 Greek and Roman architecture is...

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