Exam III - The intervention of the Christian church was...

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The intervention of the Christian church was among one of the many accomplished solutions in architectural history aided by the assimilation or abandonment of Greek Temples and Roman building structures. One example of this rejection of precedents is how Maxentius didn’t resort to past buildings upon his construction of the Basilica of Maxentius in Rome (308-312 A.D.). This was one of the first examples of how the depth and height of marble columns and barrel-vaults were used to expand the central space of a building and portray no hints of tradition or human-scale. In Early Christian architecture a distinct emphasis was focused on the centralized plane, which was beginning to take on the form of a crucifix which resembled a significant bond with religion. Many of these new architectural sites were designed and built with a direct connection to events throughout the life of Jesus. For Example Old St. Peters in Rome (c.333) was built by Constantine over the second century martyr location of the burial site of St. Peter. This style of church also had an emphasis on central space but still was able to break the building up with the use of screened columns. Old St. Peters had five aisles and three entry gates that opened to the large central atrium, which then opened to five different portals, one for the nave and four for the adjacent aisles. This was constructed this way so that overflow crowds were able to have somewhere to wait in order to honor
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Exam III - The intervention of the Christian church was...

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