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Desera Moore History 2301.160 October 19, 2007 Book Response: The Best War Ever By Michael C. C. Adams To title World War II the “Best War Ever” is completely ironic and contradictory. To come to this conclusion, one would have to say that WWII was “good,” and that there are other “good” wars with which WWII competes, and in competing, is victorious. The statement implies that the world-wide loss of around sixty one million lives can be considered a “good” thing. And yet, in the public eye, it’s true. To most Americans, WWII was a good war, a victory. Today, we look back on the war as a time when the good guys and the bad guys were clearly defined. We were the good guys, looking out for our weaker cousins, Great Britain, who were being bullied by the bad guys, Germany. And when the bad guy’s evil accomplice, Japan, delivered a seemingly crippling blow to our naval fleet at Pearl Harbor, like Superman overcoming a near fatal encounter with the dreaded kryptonite, we bounced back, and we won. This is how the story went. But unfortunately, as Adams describes in his novel, The Best War Ever , the lines aren’t exactly that clear cut. Although the horror stories of the holocaust and of the surprise attack at Pearl Harbor seem to characterize the enemy to a tee, Adams points out the often overlooked atrocities committed by the allies, including the slaughtering of surrendered enemy soldiers, either for the sake of an American “no mercy” attitude, or simply because prisoners were too much trouble to look after. (Adams, 111) And not to mention the killing of thousands of innocent
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Best War Ever Book Response - Desera Moore History 2301.160...

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