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final study guide - Gothic Architecture in France 213-245 -...

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Gothic Architecture in France 213-245 - Unique Features: choir aisle vaults, rib vaulting, flying buttresses (flared base built against a wall used as support or reinforcement, ambulatory vaults, Naves, pointed arch - Early Gothic style - Cut stone masonry rather that the rubble masonry of the Normans was used in the vaulting; this enabled the architects to build more lightly in weight and appearance. - Rib Vault usually three pairs per rectangular bay, running diagonally, transversely, and longitudinally. The diagonal arches distinguish ribbed from non ribbed vaults. Cross ribs act together with the outer arculated frame to create a complete armature of arches along all the edges and main folds of the vault. - Open on all sides to permit flow of light and space - The Flying Buttress- ribs act to concentrate on the entire weight and thrust at corners of bays. This is what the buttress is used for. The reduced, more concentrated load permits more slender piers and thus larger windows in the nave walls. Counteract those pressures with buttresses (seen with the use of large arches as well) - Abbey Church at St. Denis - Ambulatory (A semicircular or polygonal aisle. Often an ambulatory leads around the east end of the choir; separating the choir from apses or chapels). First place where space, light, line create a vision. (page 228, one example) - Pointed arch- look lighter has inherent visual buoyancy, pointed upward rather then sinking downward. Exerts less thrust then a semicircular arch, lines of force run exactly through the center of its mass. - Geometric clarity and skeletal lightness applied to this design (St. Denis). - Ideals during early gothic style were space, light, line, geometry - Façade- twin towered mass - Middle Gothic styles - Cathedral of Noyon (example one or use sens cathedral) - cathedrals before this time weren’t really all that high, at this cathedral was seen the addition of the fourth story of the cathedral. Arcade, gallery, clerestory; blind arcade inserted in
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final study guide - Gothic Architecture in France 213-245 -...

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