RichardCrai1 - 3/17/2009 Exam 1 Architecture discovered...

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10/5/2009 Exam 1 Architecture discovered from the Neolithic Era proved to be the cornerstone of building development for western civilization. This era of architecture served as a catalyst to aid Egyptians and Greeks in erecting some of the most stunning buildings still to this day. The development of new buildings was clearly improving with time; however each cultures predecessor set a solid foundation for them to build upon. Aside from the cave or rock dwellings, people of Southern and Western Europe constructed homes out of sticks and hides or thatched reed. More complex homes were not essential for these nomadic tribes at this time because it was in their nature to always be traveling to find food. On a more complex note, one of the first society oriented complexes ever designed happens to be one of the oldest structural units known to date; the houses at Catal Huyuk were found in Turkey in the 7 th century B.C. In this giant development there were no streets to roam on; instead, all the houses were attached, one must move from room to room to get to a desired location. An impressive architectural design makes home in Salisbury Plain, England in 3,000 B.C., Stonehenge was a formation of rocks in concentric rings with an altar hierarchically placed in the center. This was designed in this fashion as a sacred or sacrificial site for those who inhabited the
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RichardCrai1 - 3/17/2009 Exam 1 Architecture discovered...

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