Trachtenburg 49-76

Trachtenburg 49-76 - 9/5/06 History and Theory of...

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9/5/06 History and Theory of Architecture 49-76 Introduction- - Three really good definitions of architecture by well accomplished architects - Architecture means “master builder” which originated in Latin, later used by Greeks. - Vutruvius says that the 3 facets of architecture are “firmness, commodity and delight.” - A painting or statue is art used to decorate the architecture. - Photographs cannot fully capture an architectural piece because it can’t show the outside and the inside of the work. That’s why we use diagrams - Ground plan- representation of a building from a horizontal plane, walls can be shown by double lines. - Elevation- drawing of the vertical face of a building - 1.Perspective elevation- renders the building from a single point of view (photograph but drawn by hand) - 2. Pure elevation- renders each detail on its own for each level. Prehistory- Neolithic era - Earliest dwellings were caves and rock shelters or even fragile tent like dwellings covered in hides or thatched reed constructed during the Stone Age in western and
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Trachtenburg 49-76 - 9/5/06 History and Theory of...

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