biochem exam III

Lehninger Principles of Biochemistry

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Planck 0 boltzmann 0 Reaction Reactant 1 (M) Reactant 2 (M) Product 1 (M) 1 2.0E-06 4.0E-03 4.0E-03 2 1.0E-04 4.0E-03 2.0E-03 3 1.0E-04 5.0E-03 1.0E-03 4 1.0E-06 6.0E-03 5 2.0E-06 1.0E-03 6 4.0E-03 6.0E-03 Reaction ∆G'  (J/mol) [P]/[R]=Q` 1 -4.50E+03 6.00E+00 2 -1.50E+04 5.00E-03 3 -2.00E+04 1.20E+01 4 -1.00E+04 6.00E-01 5 -6.00E+03 5.00E-02 6 -1.00E+03 1.50E+00
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Product 2 (M) Product 3 (M) ∆G'  (J/mol) [P]/[R]=Q` [P]/[S]=K'eq ∆G (J/mol) k 2.0E-03 6.0E-03 -4.5E+03 6.0E+00 5.0E-04 1.2E+02 6.2E+01 1.0E-06 -1.5E+04 5.0E-03 1.0E+02 -2.9E+04 4.3E+06 6.0E-03 -2.0E+04 1.2E+01 1.7E-02 -1.4E+04 1.3E+04 1.0E-04 -1.0E+04 6.0E-01
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Unformatted text preview: 1.0E-02-1.1E+04 5.2E+03 1.0E-04-6.0E+03 5.0E-02 2.0E-02-1.4E+04 1.3E+04-1.0E+03 1.5E+00 1.5E+00 4.6E+01 6.3E+01 [P]/[S]=K'eq ∆G (J/mol) k v At Equilibrium? 5.00E-04 1.20E+02 6.17E+01 4.93E-07 No 1.00E+02-2.87E+04 4.34E+06 1.74E+00 def not! 1.67E-02-1.36E+04 1.26E+04 6.29E-03 No 1.00E-02-1.13E+04 5.21E+03 5.21E-03 Yes 2.00E-02-1.37E+04 1.32E+04 2.65E-02 Yes 1.50E+00 4.55E+01 6.35E+01 2.54E-01 No v 4.9E-07 No 1.7E+00 def not! 6.3E-03 No 5.2E-03 Yes 2.6E-02 Yes 2.5E-01 No At Equilibrium?...
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biochem exam III - 1.0E-02-1.1E 04 5.2E 03 1.0E-04-6.0E 03...

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