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Implementation Plan 3 0 - Introduction Recently...

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Figure 1: Gantt Chart Implementation Process 3/8/2009 9/24/2009 4/12/2010 10/29/2010 5/17/2011 12/3/2011 Detailed Survey Organize Pilot Café Implement Pilot Café Employ Bon Appetit Services Figure 2: Preliminary Survey Data Figure 3: Organic Farm Locations Introduction Recently, Rose-Hulman has taken many positive steps towards having a more sustainable campus. Campus lighting, recycling practices, and even the chemicals used by the custodians have been altered to promote a greener RHIT. However, the campus dining services have been overlooked even though it takes a great toll on the environment. Aramark, the provider of Rose-Hulman Dining Services, obtains all their food from conventional sources. Conventional farming is responsible for the largest contribution to global warming [1]. By holding a contract with Aramark, Rose-Hulman is not supporting sustainability. Instead, if food is obtained from regional, organic suppliers, then Rose-Hulman would support the movement toward green practices. In the following proposal, a systematic plan has been devised to convert the dining services at Rose- Hulman to support sustainable farming methods. Phase I: A strategically designed poll will analyze the interest of students and faculty and predict the feasibility of the transition Phase II : Organize a pilot café that will further determine the campus interest in organic practices Phase III : Employ Bon Appétit, an environmentally-friendly company, as the new on-campus dining management As the Gannt Chart shows (Figure 1), implementing these three phases will begin March 8, 2009 and last until December 3, 2011. However, we will be able to end the implementation at the end of each phase if we do not gain enough support. Phase I: Data Collection and Analysis Data Collection and Analysis is an important phase of the process because it will allow us to gauge student and faculty support for organic food on campus. An initial survey has been conducted with forty students. The results from the survey are summarized below, and the polling message read: “Our tech comm team feels that Rose should provide another alternative to the food available on campus. We propose to start-up an organic café that would use organic food that is imported from local farms: the meat and vegetables will be fresh, and the meals
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will be prepared from scratch. This will support a more sustainable environment, while students/faculty can enjoy healthier, diversified meals. We still plan to have the meal exchange program with Subway and Noble Romans. Also, prices for a meal plan will definitely not increase, and may even be lower! Based on this information, how would you feel about the change? (1 being strongly
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Implementation Plan 3 0 - Introduction Recently...

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