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1 _Green ARAy _____________________________________ Problem Statement Introduction We are experiencing environmental crises at the start of the 21 st century. Global warming, water and air pollution, wasted land, deforestation, and overexploited natural resources all have come as consequences to support our rising population. Saving energy has been at the forefront of solutions with ideas such as turning off unnecessary lights or carpooling. However, the way we eat is almost always overlooked even though it is the most significant contributor to the most serious environmental problems. At Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, our campus dining services are far from sustainable. All of the food that is served is supplied from factory farms that destroy the natural environment. Moreover, more than half of the campus waste comes from food scraps [1] because none of the 405 tons of garbage [2] is composted. The dining services also spend thousands of unnecessary dollars on replacement dinnerware and excessive utilities. Green ARAy hopes to reform the dining services by simply changing where the resources come from and where used products should go. The Current Situation Every on-campus resident must participate in the Aramark meal plan, with an additional number of commuter students who choose a plan for convenience. All-in-all, the dining services provide food for 1448 students, plus a few hundred faculty members. Every day, Aramark imports food from Sysco (which provides 70% of food products), Prairie Farms, or Piazza [3]. None of the suppliers support organic farming but instead purchase from farms that exhaust the land and use synthetic chemicals to produce their plants and animals. Aramark also does not recycle any of the thousands of metal and plastic containers used to transport this food to the school, adding to the huge waste of food scraps that comes from the facility. Moreover, lots of water is wasted cleaning the dishes and pots, the runoff of which goes into our own campus creek behind the Apartments residence hall. According to Mark Farner, Rose-
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Problem Description 2 0 - 1 _Green ARAy_ Problem Statement...

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