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Solution of flash calculation problem Feed to a debutanizer is the bottom from a deisobutanizer operating at a pressure of 100 psia. The feed temperature is 180 o F and its composition is as follows: Component lbmol/h Vapor pressure at 180 o F, psia K value at 180 o F and 40 psia iC4 12 200 4.1 nC4 448 180 3.4 iC5 36 70 1.6 nC5 15 60 1.3 C6 23 24 0.58 C7 39.1 9 0.25 C8 272.2 4 0.12 C9 31.0 2 0.04 a) Assuming ideal gas and ideal solution, estimate the bubble and dew point pressures at 180 o F . b) Without the assumption in (a) determine whether the above mixture is subcooled, superheat or saturated at 180 o F and 40 psia. c) Flash the mixture at 180 o F and 40 psia. Solution a) We assume ideal condition so vap i i P K P = We set up a spreadsheet as on the next page in Table 1. Z column is the mole fraction and is calculated by dividing each molar flow rate by the total. K column is related to vapor pressure and total pressure. The columns ZK and Z/K are related to previous columns. Since we don’t know what is the total pressure at which the first bubble appears (bubble point
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Solution_of_flash_calculation_problem_in - Solution of...

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