MORE LATIN ROOTS - 1 MORE LATIN ROOTS-prim first primer...

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MORE LATIN ROOTS -prim- first primer: primary school book prime: stage of one’s life (career) when one is best prime minister primitive: existing in the earliest times primaeval : prime: first + eaval: age very ancient premiere: first performance of an opera, play etc. principle: original principal: takes the first place; headmaster prince primordial: first order; fundamental / existing since the beginning of the earth -quir-, -quis- ask, seek inquire: seek in inquisition (derogatory): questioning with little regard to liberty (done by official Catholic Church for the discovery of heresy) inquisitor (n) require: ask back prerequisite: something done before, necessary (önşart) query: question, doubt question quest: search in quest of: in search of inquaesta (L) > enquete (Fr) > anket (Tur) -rid-, -ris- laugh ridiculous: funny ridicule: to make fun of (in an unkind way) deride: laugh (more formal) derisive (adj): showing or provoking derision (n) derisory: ? resible (formal): funny, causing laughter -rog- ask, beg interrogate: questioning interrogative: question form in grammar arrogant: asking derogate: reduce, detract from derogatory: degrading prerogative : ask an opinion before another / special right given to somebody by rank, position etc. , a kind of superiority, exclusive right eg. Turkish President has a prerogative to pardon guilty men. A school may have prerogatives such as accepting students without exam. 1
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surrogate: ask to act in place of another, to substitute / a person chosen to act in the place of another eg. surrogate mother: one who bears a child for another woman who is unable to be pregnant (through an artificial process) eg. After the death of his father, his uncle acted as a surrogate father. -simil- like, same similar similitude: resemblance simile: comparing simulate: imitate eg. an illness eg. simulated jewellery assimilate: to make alike simultaneous: occurring at the same time ensemble: at the same time assemble: bring together resemble -solve-, -solu-, -solut- loosen, free, release solve solvent: liquid substance / (business life): a person who can pay his debt (ödeme gücü olan) eg. Banks do not give credit to insolvent people. insolvent solvent abuse: glue sniffer solution: liquid soluble dissolve: loosen away absolute: set free; free from restriction absolve: set free from duty or obligation eg. a priest absolves dissolute: loose in morals, lacking restraint lose and loose are ultimately the same -spir- breath aspire: breath upon aspiration: to have a strong desire to own something expire: breath out, (literally) die / a passport expires expiration (n) inspire: breath in inspiration (n) perspire (per: through) : formal for sweat, perspiration (n) conspire: breath together for an evil purpose conspiracy:
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MORE LATIN ROOTS - 1 MORE LATIN ROOTS-prim first primer...

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