LATIN ROOTS II - 1 LATIN ROOTS II -am-, -amic -arm love,...

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LATIN ROOTS II -am-, -amic- love, friend amour: (secret) relationship / woman who involves in such relationship amorous (lit): aşıkhane amatory (lit): aşıkhane, sexual love amity (frml): friendly relationship between states, organisations eg. in amity with amicable: marked by friendly good will (despite a difficult situation) (dostluğa yakışır biçimde) amiable: friendly amateur: someone who does it because he loves it, not to make a living, not professional amateurish (unfavourable connotation): lacking professional skill Amanda, Amando: loveable Amadeus: love of God amigo (Sp): friendly native, friend -arm- arm, weapon, equip arms: weapons arming (armament): to be equipped with disarmament: stop producing weapons, esp a country eg. disarmament of Iraq army: ground troops X ordu: army + navy + air force armistice: temporary agreement to stop fighting (during a war) : truce (savaş sonuca varmış, çözüme kavuşmak için) eg. Mondros Armistrice ( mütareke) cease-fire : ateşkes (savaşın en kızgın zamanında olabilir) eg. during the war of Vietnam, three-day-holiday for Noel armoury: building of weapons, the place where weapons are stored armour: protective metal covering armorial (adj) eg. armour-clad vehicles: zırhlı araçlar Armada (lit): fleet of war ships (pompous word) Spanish Armada, British armada alarm (It): all arm, to arms (silah başına) arma (It Tur) symbol, often sign of a city, institution; coat of arms; shield shaped pattern -art- skill, craft, art Tekhne: work made by hand artisan: carpenter, tailor etc.; one who has manual skills (zanaatkar) artificial: skill + make: skilfully made; fig; done; made artifice: skill to create a false appearance eg. her sorrow is nothing but an artifice a clever arrangement of things intended to deceive others and create a false image. artifact (artefact): tools of historical interest (displayed in museums) anything made by man; esp. useful tools arts and crafts: made by hand (zanaat, el sanatları) arts concerning making objects by hands 1 1
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Arts (Liberal Arts, Humanities) : (In Ame. English) Humanities, human sciences except Mathematics and physical sciences BA, MA inert: (in=negative prefix) no skill, an object or a person lacking activity; unskilled: sb. with no power to rule, lack in activity inert gases: they do not act with others (in chemistry) inertia: force that prevents an object from moving (eylemsizlik) -bel-, -bell- war rebel: taking arms against government bellicose: warlike belligerent: at war, waging war eg. Irak and USA are belligerent nations / ready to fight, hostile eg. a belligerent language (düşmanca) casus belli: reason for war, an event that justifies the declaration of war. eg. Irak’s refusal to stop producing chemical and biological weapons is a casus belli. ante bellum: before the war
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LATIN ROOTS II - 1 LATIN ROOTS II -am-, -amic -arm love,...

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