II semester - Page 16, Ex 1, C • aegis (Gr): shield in...

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Unformatted text preview: Page 16, Ex 1, C • aegis (Gr): shield in Greek mythology, means breast plate. It originally means goat skin. (shields were made of goat skin) eg. under the aegis of (protection, patronage) • archipelago (Gk): arch: main, chief pelago: sea Aegean sea (compared to lakes, rivers) archsea, arches (Eng) Archipelago (semantic shift): group of islands (folk etymology) • argot (Fr): slang (lower category) used by rough people such as criminals, thieves, prostitutes etc. • automaton (Fr): self operating system • cabal (Heb): group of people who secretly come together to perform political intrigue (entrika, çete) eg. Abdullah Çatlı cabbala / cabala mediaeval teaching in Hebrew theology (their ceremonies are secretly performed) cabalist: 1) member of such a group 2) teacher of cabala • connoisseur (Fr): a person who can make good judgments on matters where a refined taste is required eg. in arts (ehl-i zevk) • camouflage (Fr): (orig. mil) anything done to deceive the enemy creating a false appearance (used in World War I) / to conceal one’s intentions, disguise • démise (Fr): death (leg) eg. after the démise of her mother • dossier (Fr): file giving information about a person etc. eg Police keep a dossier of every criminal action. • éclat (Fr): great success, achievement / public success deserving praise • ennui (Fr): boredom / mental tiredness resulting from having nothing interesting to do • étude (Fr): study / musical work written to give practice in instrumental technique (containing difficult passages) eg. piano études • exodus (Gk) exit, go out Exodus: second book of the Old Testament about the emigration of Jews from Egypt • fiasco (It): utter failure eg. his recent play was ended in a fiasco • fugue (It): musical pattern in composing where two or more themes are introduced by different voices, then repeated in a more complex design • gauche (Fr): a person who is not polished enough, inexperienced (patavatsız, görgüsü kıt) • lese-majesty (Fr): injured majesty crime against a ruler (devlete hakaret) (Eng): disrespectful behaviour towards a person of higher rank • liqueur (Fr): sweet alcoholic beverage liquor: any strong alcoholic drink (liquid obtained from boiled meat and vegetables) • macabre (Fr): suggesting or causing death , horrifying, terrifying, related to cruel death eg. The criminal has a macabre face eg. Alfred Hitchcock creates macabre situations (using death as a theme in a literary work) • malaise (Fr): bodily discomfort without a clear sign of particular illness, uneasiness, mental restlessness, lack of activity, lack of energy (keyifsizlik, kırıklık) a person or an institution may be having a malaise ( i.e. without motivation) • memoir (Fr): a piece of writing (a report) on a specifically studied subject memoirs: the story of one’s own life • montage (Fr): combining photographic material together / a picture made by combining several pictures / juxtaposing several elements in a work of art 1 (Tur): putting the several parts of a mechanic system /machine together...
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II semester - Page 16, Ex 1, C • aegis (Gr): shield in...

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