biochem worksheet - 10. A solution prepared with 4 x 10 4...

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Name __________________________ Biochemistry, An Introduction to Life – the Chemistry of Living Organisms 30 points Chapter 1 1. What is the structural difference between a carbonyl and a hydroxyl functional group? List some of the chemical and physical properties these structures may have in common. 2. List the four major biomolecules and provide an example of the monomer building block that constitutes the biopolymer. 3. What biochemical evidence supports the idea that all life on this planet shares a common ancestor? 4. Define biochemistry. (besides that which is shown in the title) 5. What is the Central Dogma? Chapter 2 6. List some unique properties of water. 7. Why do we need to study water? 8. Define hydrophobic, micelle, amphipathic. 9. The pH scale is based on the concentration of hydrogen ions (protons). What is the pOH scale based upon? How about the hypothetical and rarely observed pLemon scale?
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Unformatted text preview: 10. A solution prepared with 4 x 10 4 moles of acetic acid (CH 3 COOH) dissociates in water to produce 2 x 10 3 moles of protons and 3.2 x 10 6 moles of conjugate base. a. What is the dissociation constant (Ka) for acetic acid? b. What is the pKa of acetic acid? c. Draw the structure of the conjugate base. d. What is the pH of this solution (Henderson-Hasselbach)? Chapter 3 11. Draw the zwitterion of the amino acid valine. 12. At pH 9.5, what is the net charge for Ala, Gly, and Phe? At pH 1.5? At pH 12? 13. What is the pI value for Ala, Gly, and Phe? 14. Draw the peptide bond. 15. Identify the primary sequence for the polypeptide that yields these fragments upon treatment: His-met-thr-met-ala-trp; Leu-asn-asp-phe; Val-lys obtained from chymotrypsin Leu-asn-asp-phe-his-met; Ala-trp-val-lys; Thr-met obtained from CNBr...
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biochem worksheet - 10. A solution prepared with 4 x 10 4...

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