Etymology.201 Prefixes

Etymology.201 Prefixes - PREFIXES Of Old English Origin 1)...

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Unformatted text preview: PREFIXES Of Old English Origin 1) a- (in, at, on, of, up, to / in a state of, in such a manner ) abed (adj.): in bed (old poetic) astride (adv.): legs wide apart e.g. Ride astride a horse afoot: on foot it also implies unpleasant eg: Whats afoot? (Whats happening here?) afield: in, on, or to the field anew : in a new manner afresh: anew aside: on or to the side amid: in the middle ashore: to or on the shore aloud: in a loud voice alike: in the same manner, similar ajar : slightly open ,aralk (kap) along : on or beside the length of ahead: in head apart: to one side, one part aware: watching asleep: sleeping amiss (adj, adv) : missing / in a wrong way 2) be (adv.: around, about, away, on, over / v: to make, to be) beset: to be troubled by / to be surrounded by (military term, used in passive) behead: cut the head of as a punishment befriend: to make friends besiege: surround belittle: make little betroth: to promise to marry betoken: to be a sign of eg. Black clouds betoken the rain. Beware: to be wary, to be on ones guard behold: look, see observe become: to come to be beloved (adj.): dearly loved 3) for- (away, off, from / expresses denial, negation) forswear (foreswear): to make a promise to give up sth., tbe etmek (make an oath) forsake: to give up forever eg. to forsake ones family, ones country , God forsaken (neglected) island forbid bid: say, wish say not to do sth forget: to lose from the mind 1 forgive: per + give (assimilated form) give completely, without question 4) fore (before, previous, in front of) forethought: in advance thinking foreword: an introductory statement forefather: ancestor foregoing: above mentioned forgone conclusion: an apparent result foresee: see before foretell: tell before, predict forename: first name forefinger: index finger forearm: between the elbow and the hand foreleg: an animals forelegs forerunner: a person sent before, nc forewarn: warn before foreplay: before sexual activity forebear (forbears): ancestor 5) mis- (badly, poorly, wrongly, not) misfit (n): sth that fits poorly / a person who adapt to his environment misfire: failure to fire miscount: count wrongly miscarriage: give birth to a dead baby misdirect (v): to direct wrongly or badly misdate: put a wrong date on a document misprint: to print incorrectly misfortune: bad luck, ill fortune, trouble cf. Greek mis-/miso- hate, hatred misanthrophy : hatred or distrust of all people anthropos: mankind misanthropist: a person who hates mankind / a person who never trusts in people, escapes from them merdimgiriz merdim: insan giriz:kaan misogamy: a person who hates marriage misogyny: a man who hates women (gyny: Greek) androphobia: a woman who hates men andro: man phobia: fear...
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Etymology.201 Prefixes - PREFIXES Of Old English Origin 1)...

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