Ety.201 Chapter 4 (Otomatik olarak kaydedildi)

Ety.201 Chapter 4 (Otomatik olarak kaydedildi) - Chapter 4...

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Chapter 4 Greek Roots Root Meaning Examples Etumos True Etumon, etymon = true sense of a word, literal sense of a word, underlying sense Etymology = Study of the true, underlying, literal meanings of words - It studies the history of words. - Scientific study of the origin, history and shifting meaning of words. - Etymology started with Socrates. But he and his scholars only studied Greek roots. They didn’t take the other languages into consideration. This lack of knowledge hindered the development of etymology. - Nature of convention. There is no obvious relation between form and meaning. Words acquire their meanings through human social conventions. But if we go back to older forms we might observe a regular order. This brought about etymological study. Agog Lead, leader Pedagogy/Pedagogics/ = child-leader(leading children) pedagogical/Pedagogue = Synagogue = lead together, bring together, meeting place Demagogue = leader of the people Demagogy = leading people Anthrop Man, mankind Philanthropy = Love of mankind (phil=love) Philanthropist = opp. Misanthrope = Hatred against humans. Anthropology = Study of human race Arch Ancient, chief Archaic: relating to ancient times (old and no longer used) Archaism: an old word or phrase that is no longer used Archeology = study of ancient times Archives = Place where old documents can be found. Archetype/Archetypal pattern = Ancient types, models. It is an empty model. Every 1
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culture uses this empty model in its own way. Death and rebirth is an archetype. 12 is an archetype (12 apostles, 12 Imams) Archetypal criticism = tries to detect archetypal quests, patterns. Monarch = chief, ruler Constitutional Monarchy = Meşrutiyet Diarchy = Two rulers Archduke = chief duke Archbishop = chief bishop (başpiskopoz) Patriarch = Chief father, patrik Matriarch = Female leader of a tribe or clan Anarchy = No ruler Oligarchy = Rule by few, A form of government where the rule power is in the hands of a small selected group. (zümre) Astr, aster star Astral = Related to stars Astrology/Astrologer = study of stars. Describing the effect of stars on human- beings. Asterisk = Little star Stellar = (L) star Stella = Feminine name (Yıldız ismi) auto Self, same Automaton = robot, self-operating mechanism Autonomy = Self rule, law Autonomous = Something that has its own law Autocracy = Ruling by one person with absolute power (Monarchy is a form of government whereas autocracy may exist under any regime). Autoarchy = Self sufficiency. (kendine yeterli olma durumu) Independence in politics. İçine kapalı bir dozen. Tarım ülkelerinde görülür. (1930 Türkiyesi) Autism = Withdrawing from reality and become self-absorbed. Autopsy = Seeing with one’s own eyes Autogram = Self writing, signature Autocriticism = Self criticism Autodidact = A person who teaches himself. Self taught. (Kendi kendini yetiştiren kişi) (Yaşar Kemal) Autoeroticism = self eroticism (state of creating erotic excitement) 2
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Ety.201 Chapter 4 (Otomatik olarak kaydedildi) - Chapter 4...

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